360 Degree Marketing

inwise allows you to deliver emails, SMS, landing pages, surveys, advertising campaigns, greeting cards, invoices, personal documents, invitations, and so much more.

Email Newsletters

inwise is a smart platform for creating and designing smart email newsletters/campaigns, as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Choosing a designed and responsive template
  2. Making it your own using a friendly drag & drop editor
  3. Tracking your newsletter results and statistics

SMS Marketing

Create designed SMS messages, direct to responsive landing pages, send personalized SMS, and much more.

Landing Pages

Create designed responsive landing pages using a template of your choosing to boost leads, sales, and customer engagement.

Installing Email Marketing Software In-House

inwise allows companies and organizations of large-scale, complex activity, or holding sensitive information – install inwise in-house directly on the organization servers (a process called On Premise). This solution provides the organization / company maximum control, flexibility, and security in its online marketing activity.

Organizational Communication

Manage your internal communication easily and brilliantly: Send invites, share information, get feedback using surveys, and more.

Send Files / Attachments

Send attachments via email, whether it’s invoices, reports, personal files, or any file/format you wish, either personally or in bulk. Work less by sending files in an easy and secure platform.

Small or Large-Scale Business?

inwise is a versatile system, designed to fit any business type and size: from a one-man business to the largest-scale businesses. It serves marketing managers, MarCom managers, IT, programmers, HR managers, and more.