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By using synchronization of contacts / leads from Salesforce to inwise, you can define filters on your contacts / leads,
schedule the synchronization to a specific time each day so that the list of contacts / leads will be up to date.
You can also synchronize a view of contacts / leads in Salesforce to inwise.

Standard sync

1. On the main screen of inwise plugin for Salesforce, click ‘New Sync (Manually)’:

2. Choose a name for the sync, select the inwise account, select a name for the inwise group and go to the next step
(you can select an existing Salesforce group from the drop-down list):

3. Select Contacts, Leads, or both.

Now select the filters you want to apply on your contacts / leads. You can add another condition by clicking on the green plus icon.

Note the option: Add leads / contacts to group (do not delete existing records from inwise)

If you do not check this option, each time the synchronization runs, all the contacts in the inwise group will be deleted and replaced with the contacts that meet the filters in the current synchronization run.

If you check this option, each time the synchronization runs, the contacts that match the filters in sync will be added to the existing contacts in the inwise group, without deleting existing contacts.

Then, click Save.

4. In this screen, you will be able to see a preview of the contacts that met the conditions we set in the previous screen.
We can choose to schedule or run the synchronization now by clicking Schedule.

5. You can schedule the synchronization to run every day at a certain time. After setting the time, select ‘Save & Schedule’.
If you want to run the synchronization manually, click ‘Execute Now’:

6. From the main screen of inwise plugin you can always edit the synchronization by clicking ‘Edit’ or to run the sync manually by clicking ‘Schedule’ and then ‘Execute Now’.

7. Now you can login to inwise and see that a group has been created with the number of synchronized contacts / lead:

View synchronization

Synchronizing a view is very similar to a normal synchronization – click on New Sync ‘(Existing Views)’ on the main screen of the inwise plugin:

You must give a name for the synchronization, choose an inwise account, choose a name for the new group or select an existing group.
Then choose whether we want to synchronize a view of contacts or leads and select a View.

As in the normal synchronization screen, there is the option to delete or add to existing contacts in the group each time the synchronization runs.

Note: There is a Salesforce restriction – You can sync up to 10,000 in View Sync. If you need to sync more than this number, use the regular sync.

After completing the settings, choose Save and see the contacts selected from the View. Click Save again and go to the main screen.

By clicking Schedule under the synchronization we created, we can schedule a daily synchronization time or to run manually.

Now you can enter inwise and see a group with the synchronized contacts:

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