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In this section we will learn how to synchronize the members of the campaign that we have added to inwise, and after sending, how to get analytics back to Salesforce.

1. In Salesforce campaign screen, after adding campaign members click the ‘Sync members to inwise’ button.

2. You will receive a message that the synchronization has started, press OK.

3. Inside inwise account, you will be able to see that a contacts group and new campaign have been created under the same name as the Salesforce campaign.

4. You can now edit the campaign design by clicking on the ‘edit’ button under the created campaign.
Email Campaign Design Guide
SMS Campaign Design Guide

5. Once the campaign is sent, campaign analytics will be automatically imported every round hour and will be displayed in iniwse module under the same campaign in Salesforce.
6. To import/pull analytics manually, you can click the ‘Get campaign statistics from inwise’ button.

7. In order to pull analytics of campaign members – click the ‘Get members actions from inwise’ button:
* Please note, this action sometimes takes a few minutes *

8. Inside the Salesforce campaign’s campaign members screen, you will be able to see the imported analytics:


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