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When the recipient replies to a campaign email, the message is typically sent back to the sender’s address. If you like to change the reply-to email address, there are two options for setting up:

  1. Update default settings for all campaigns to be sent.
  2. Update different settings for different campaigns, you can set different delivery profiles for each campaign. For the sending profile guide click here.

How to set up a reply-to email address as default for all campaigns:

Click on the “Little Man” icon at the top of the screen (1), then click on “Account Settings” (2).

Account setting

On the sidebar click “Email Campaign”. We will focus on settings number 4218:

Setting Reply-To Email Address
Setting number 4218 – “Replay address”: Enter the e-mail address for contact’s responses.

Finally, click “Save”.

Tip: We recommend you to go through all the settings on this page and update them if necessary since these are the default settings for each campaign you will send.


How to set up a reply-to email address for each campaign separately:

On the sidebar click “Email Campaign” and choose “Create an Email Campaign” (2).

Setting reply-to email address for each campaign separately

On the “Create an Email Campaign” screen, click “Show Sending Profile”.

You can choose to “Create New Profile” or a profile that you have already created.

“Profile name”: Enter the profile name. This field is internal, for your use.
“Reply to”: Enter the e-mail address for contact,s responses.
“Sender email address”: Enter the e-mail address that will appear in the e-mail.
“Sender name to diaplay”: Enter the name of the sender from which the email will be sent.

Finally, click “Save” and then on “Use This Profile”.

Now, you can continue to design your email campaign. More information in this guide