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in Salesforce

The integration of inwise with your Salesforce account allows you to send short text messages (SMS) directly from the contact/lead screen.

Enter the Contacts/Leads menu and select one of your contacts or leads.
On the fast SMS screen –

11. Select a mobile number from the list of mobile numbers of the contact / lead.

12. Write the SMS content in the “SMS Body” pane.

13. You can add fields from the contact/lead directly to the SMS content, by selecting a field and clicking on the ‘Add’ button.

14. You can add an active inwise landing page directly to the SMS content, by selecting a landing page and the link will be added automatically.

15. Finally, click the ‘Send’ button.

An unsubscribe link will be added automatically to the SMS.

16. After the SMS was sent, you will be able to see that a row was added to the activity history of the contact/lead. You can click on the line and also see the SMS content.