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in Salesforce

If you have a Salesforce account you can start immediately! actually you don’t even need to have an existing inwise account because you can open it from inside your Salesforce account!

Step by step how to start using inwise for Salesforce:

  1. First install inwise for Salesforce on your Salesforce account. You can do it from here:
  2. After installing inwise for Salesforce, open inwise tab and press on accounts configuration:connect your account
  3. You can provide your existing inwise account credentials or you can create new account directly in this page, by providing only email, company name, contact name and phone number:createorconnect
  4. Press “save” (for existing account) or “get started” (for creating new account) and you are ready to go.
  5. Done! now you will have a direct link from your salesforce account that whenever you will press on it, it will open your inwise account in new tab. You will be able to work and design your landing pages, newsletters ext:


Advanced integration:

Sometimes enterprise organizations have sophisticated Salesforce implementations like different departments that want to work on completely different content. With inwise for Salesfoce you can connect your Salesforce account with many inwise account for different uses and different users. To configure this, just configure more account like above.