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In this part we will learn how to connect inwise account to Salesforce app and how to configure it.

1. Install inwise plugin from  the Appexchange for free.
2. Once the plugin has been installed, it will be visible in the Salesforce list of applications:
Click on the points icon.
In the search pane type: inwise.

Go to the extension main screen and click “Accounts Configurations”:

3. You have two options under “Accounts Configurations”:

Creating new inwise account – If you do not have an inwise account yet, you can create a new account directly from the plugin.
Once you have entered the details, click  “Get started!” button – It will bring you back to the extension main screen.
If you have already completed this step, skip to the next step.

An existing account in inwise – If you already have an account, enter the name and Token – a code that identifies the inwise account with Salesforce.
If you do not have a Token, you can create one through your inwise account:

  1. Click on the “Little Man” icon at the top of the screen (1), then click on “Api Key”.
  2. Click on the “New ApiKey” button and then click Save.
  3. A new Api Key with Active status will appear on the screen, copy the string of letters and numbers (ApiKey).
  4. Return to the plugin screen and paste the ApiKey under the Token field and click Save. 

**Important note**
There is a chance that Salesforce will not allow to complete the process because the communication between Salesforce and inwise is not enabled.
1) Enter the Settings / Setup screen in Salesforce by clicking the “Gear” icon and then Setup (1).
2) Under Security Controls or Security (2), select Remote Site Settings (3).
3) Click “Edit” on the Site Name / Remote Site Name – inwiseapi (4).
4) Check the box – ‘”Active” and save.

4. In the main screen of the plugin, you’ll see that the account has been added to the list of accounts.
Now you have to map the fields of inwise with Salesforce. click on “Field Mapping”

On this screen, you must set up Contact and Lead fields according to inwise fields. (You don’t have to map all fields, but only the important fields like: name and phone number)
You can always add more fields in inwise and mapping them in the plugin.
After mapping the fields, click Save.

Salesforce - mapping field

5. Sometimes organizations have multiple departments and each department works on a completely different content.
In this case, you can link several inwise accounts to the Salesforce account. You can open more accounts and link them as indicated above.

6. inwise can be entered directly from the Salesforce plugin by clicking the account name:

If a message popped up – please confirm.
In addition, a pop-up from Salesforce should be allowed, for a simpler transition the next time you want to sign in to inwise account:

We have completed the first step of defining the plugin and linking it to the inwise account.

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