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By adding letter and/or personal attachments, you can match your campaign to your contacts in a personal way.

With inwise system you can loading PDF files such as invoices, orders and pictures and/or HTML files, when you want that the campaign content will send to each content in a personal attachment.

You can send one file or several files to each contact in your mailing list.


Step 1 – Upload & management files in the Media area

First, you have to load the files to the designated area on the media area.  Clicking on the media area icon (1), and than click on “Personal files” tab.


 Attached personal files

In the next screen choose the file type:

  1. Add personalized attachment – The files will be added to the campaign as a personal attachment. You can upload files of various types such as jpeg, PDF.
  2. Add personalized bodywhen we want to upload HTML file for personalized mailing body, we will this option.
  3. Overwrite same files – you can determine that the new files will replace the existing files with the same name on the media area. Check the checkbox “same files”.
  4. Expiry date – set the expiry date, we are setting the date which all the files we imported will be delete from the media area.

After we have chosen the appropriate option, you can upload the files. You can select to upload the files from your PC by clicking on “Browse” or import from URL. You can also drop the files directly from your PC to this page.


Step 2 – Import/Adding field of private file to recipients

After we’ve uploaded the files to the media area, we need to connect between the private files to the contacts. These links are done by update the attachments name in file from type CSV or XLS (depend on the import contacts type). After we updated the CSV/XLS file, we’ll import the file to the inwise with update details, you can learn more about import and update contacts to inwise system on Import Contacts guide.

File example: in this table we called to the personal attachments column in name “personal attachment”.

To recipient Avi Cohen with the email address [email protected], we’ll insert in the “personal attachment” column his private name file as avi.pdf.

  • As mentioned, you can update several attachments by adding dedicated fields (personal attachment 2, personal attachment 3, etc.).
  • For your attention: you need to insert the full file name, (including file type after the dot).

Step 3 – creating and sending email campaign

We reach to campaign creation step. Click on “create email campaign”, we’ll update campaign name and campaign subject and we’ll click on “more settings” to set the attachments sending:

Set more settings, “add letter body and personal attachments” menu will open, here you can select the following options:

  1. From media area: The system will send the attachments after they have been imported into the media area (in this example field– “personal attachment”) we can mark it by click.
    If you set several columns for personal attachments or HTML body, you can select them here by multiple selection, you can check the field “personal attachment”, click on ‘ctrl’ in the keyboard and check the additional field name you defined.
  1. Send to receipt without value in field: by check this checkbox, the system will send the mailing also to contacts that don’t have an attachment. For example, suppose some contact have no invoice, but you want the system will send the mail without the invoice, you can check this checkbox. If the checkbox is uncheck, contact who doesn’t have file connected (in step 2), the system will not send them a campaign.
  2. Delete the files after sending: by checking this checkbox, we define that every file that will be send will delete immediately from media area (with no reference to expiry date).
  3. From HTTP address: For your attention, if you selected in the media area “add letter body and personal attachments”, mean you uploaded personal HTML files, the system will skip over campaign editing step. It will replace automatically the mailing body with data in the uploaded by HTML file.

To your attention: you have the option to attach uniform file to all mailing contacts, by option “attachment file”. In this option the attached file will be general but no personal.

You can combine this option with the personal attachments you uploaded. In this way, the contacts will get 2 attachments: the personal attachment + the general attachment that picked as attachment file.

After completing the above settings , you can continue to edit the campaign.