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Inwise guide to the Media area

Storage and manage media files in inwise system perform on the “Media Area”. An easy to manage web interface and can get to it directly from the system without any campaign login or edit.

You can easily perform many actions such as uploading files and images in many varied formats.



Upload Images

After login to the system, click on area media icon on the right side of the top menu bar, as you can see in the following picture:

Media area

Media files can be uploaded to the media area in different formats such as BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG etc.

The file name must be unique in English letters and numbers, without Special signs like spaces, dashes, etc.

The file weight of the image type should not exceed one and a half mega.

Keeping those conditions will guarantee much easier job to the editor and optimal visibility of the mailing in all portals.

Upload image

After clicking on “Upload images” button, a dialog box will open. You can click browse and upload single image or multiple images – by holding the CTRL or SHIFT button and images selecting

  1. Import from URL – Upload image from URL.
  2. Browse – Upload single or multiple images located in folder on the PC.
  3. Image dragging – Drag image from folder on the PC directly to the Media area.

After select the image or images, the system will perform the files uploading:

Create Animated GIF

In the media area you can create a GIF file (a short video file that runs in the form of a loop that transmits the message in an animated way).
Select the relevant images by checking V, and clicking on the GIF icon. You can change the speed settings for each image in seconds.

Animated gif

Upload File

To the inwise media area you can upload files in different formats such as PDF, HTML, WORD, XLS, ICS (iCalendar format) and more. The file weight should not exceed 10 mega.

Get into the media area, choose “Files” tab and click on “Upload Files” button:

Upload files

After clicking on “Upload Files” button, a dialog box will open. You can click browse and upload single file or multiple files – by holding the CTRL or SHIFT button and files selecting.

When we are “going over” the file with the mouse, we can select one of the following three actions:

  1. File preview – Preview the file link, allows copy the link and link to a relevant place when editing the mailing.
  2. Copy the file.
  3. Delete the file from the media area.

File/Image search

You can search image or file:


  • For search an image, click on “Images” tab. The search will be performed by typing the image name in the search box.
  • For search a file, click on “Files” tab. The search will be performed by typing the file name in the search box.

Sorting and tagging images

You can sort and filter images and files in the media area by tagging tags. This sorting enable us easy orientation and easy work in the system. In order tagging single or multiple images, we’ll mark the images we want to tag and we’ll click on the Tag icon:

In the interface that opens, you can add the image to an existing tag or create a new tag.

To view the filter we created, click on the filter field (field 1) and choose the required tag name.

Images list files arrangement

You can arrange the images or files in the media area by 2 ways:

  1. Big icons (Button 1)
  2. List view (Button 2)

If we want to arrange the files or images in list view, click on the list button. Now we can arrange the list by the file name, creation date (the date which the image was uploaded to the system) or image size by clicking on the relevant title.