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The feature “goals” enables you to measure the campaign results from the aspect of success: whether if it about purchasing, process ending or any other goal that you may set and even know how and who the contacts who completed an order, completed the registration process or made a purchase on your site.


Step 1 – Adding goals code

For a start, you can create a new campaign by clicking on ‏”Create a new email campaign”:


In the “Settings” screen, type the letters’ subject and its internal name:

Then, click on “additional settings”

Now the screen of “additional settings” will open


On this screen, you can mark ‏✓ in the selection box next to “Adding goals to campaign”

* Note: To plant the code on your website pages you have chosen, you can be assisted with your site manager.

The “Goals” code will seem properly after marking. This code is for planting in pages which you will want to monitor. The code enables planting “COOKIE” file which monitories the surfers’ activities in the pages which you specify as a goal.
To follow after your contacts’ activities on your site, you can copy the code and plant it on the page which appears as a link in the campaign.
Afterwards, to follow and monitorized additional goals on your site, and check where your contacts were browsing after they have reached the page which you have set in the link, you can plant the code in additional pages.
For example, if you want to monitories the purchase process, you can plant the code throughout the purchase process to check who the recipients, who came to these pages. You can even plant the code on the final page of the certification and check who the recipients who completed the purchase process are-and recipients who did not
Once the campaign was sent, you can watch the recipients’ details and how many recipients came to the goal pages from your campaign.


Step 2 – View statistics Goals

Once you have sent your campaign, you can view the goals results.

To reach these results view, you can click on the “Campaigns” tab at the top of the screen, and then click on “Analytics” button next to the specific campaign‏:

After that, you will get the campaign statistics. On this screen, you can scroll down a little bit, below the “Analytics” funnel, and to reach the goals table:

 Here, detailed components of this table:

“Goals ID” – This is an internal numbering of the system for any purpose which defined

“Goal Name” – you can change the name of the goal to make it easy for you to identify

“How many entries – Total entrances to pages you have set as goals. For example, one contact person who entered three times per page.

“Unique Hits” – the number of contacts entered into goals pages. This number is different from the amount of inputs – because it counts the number of contacts who entered the pages, and not the number of their entrances.

“Address” – URLs of pages you have set as goals.

“Creating Date”- Date of creating goals pages

“Last Update” – last date that the information had modified in a table of statistics of goals (such as renaming goal) By clicking on each goal, you will get the “contact activity” screen. These actions are associated with this campaign and for the purposes that you have defined it:


Clicking on each goal, you reach the “contact activity”. These actions are associated with this campaign and for the purposes that you have defined it:


On this page you view contacts who carried out the entrances to the page view their email address, dates when they made their entrance into the page, and all the personal data of the contact (if you enter them in advance).