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You can send a fast SMS to a Contact or Lead.

Enter the layout of the Page Layout / Contact Page to add the inwise component to send a quick SMS:

Classic – When entering a contact / hand you can click Edit Layout

Lightning – Navigate to:  Setup -> Object Manager -> Contact / Lead -> Page Layouts

1. It is recommend to create a new section so that we can put the quick SMS module in it.

2. Name the section you created – for example – inwise SMS.

3. Select the section with one column orientation because the module is wide.

4. Press OK to confirm.

5. Click the Visualforce Pages category.

6. Drag an element named inwiseSendSMS into the section you created.

7. Click on the ‘tool’ icon to define the dimensions of the module.

8. Insert 300 in the Height field.

9. Click OK.

10. Click ‘Save’ to save the contact / lead page layout.

Now you will be able see the module for sending and using the fast SMS:

11. Select a mobile number from the list of mobile numbers of the contact / lead.

12. Write the SMS content.

13. You can add fields from the contact / lead directly to the SMS content by selecting a field and clicking on the ‘Add’ button.

14. You can add an active inwise landing page directly to the SMS content by selecting a landing page and the link will be added automatically.

15. When done, click the ‘Send’ button.

An unsubscribe link will be added automatically to the SMS.

16. After the SMS was sent, you will be able to see that a row was added to the  activity history of the contact / lead. You can click on the line and also see the SMS content.