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An SMS Campaign allows you to create a Campaign composed of solely text messages or a Campaign combining between a text message and a link to a designed Mailing Campaign. Both options commence with the creation of a regular SMS Campaign.

1. Creat a Regular SMS Campaign (Text Only)

Stage 1 – Creation of an SMS Campaign
Two options are available at your disposal for opening an SMS Campaign:
Option 1 – Press “Create an SMS Campaign” on the Homepage:


Option 2 – Press the “Campaigns” tab on the top toolbar:

Afterwards, press “Create an SMS Campaign” on the left:

The “Create an SMS Campaign” screen will open. Here you will be able to select the internal Campaign name (for your use only) of the SMS Campaign.

In addition, you will be able to define the Campaign’s details. Do this by pressing “Letter Definitions”.

For your convenience, following is an explanation regarding the different definitions:
The letter’s name – used to identify the mailing within the system. This name will not be displayed to the points of contact appearing in the mailing but rather used to manage and document your mailings.
The sender’s name to be displayed – the name that will be displayed to the message’s recipient.
Encoding – Unicode is designated for messages sent in Hebrew and for words containing symbols that do not belong to the English alphabet.
ISO 8859-1 is designated for messages sent in English or other languages such as Russian or French.
Valid until – the maximal time, in minutes, provided to the system in order to try sending the message before it expires.
At the end, press “Continue” at the bottom of the screen on the left.

Stage 2 – Writing the Message

Use this screen to formulate the message that will be sent. You may also add personally customized fields that will make your SMS message more personal. You can add unsubscribe link (27 Characters) and Link control (27 Characters).


These fields draw information from existent fields in the system which contain information regarding the points of contact. For more information concerning the definition of these information fields – please read the following Manual.
For purpose of demonstration – we will use this Manual for three fields: name, address and phone number. These fields will automatically assimilate the relevant information for this message:


You can assimilate the personally customized fields using the “Add Personal Field” menu and then selecting the desired field.
Please notice: a single standard SMS message is composed of 68 characters. It can also comprise a link utilized for removal from the mailing list (27 characters).
SMS messages in various sizes can be purchased. Likewise, the pricing is calculated according to the length of the message being sent (depending on the number of characters).
At this stage of the process, you can send the message for further review (test) or continue and send to it to the distribution (mailing) list. Sending the message for review (test) will enable the message’s modification while sending it to the distribution list will insert the message into the system’s delivery queue consequently sending it to the points of contact.

2. An SMS Campaign with a Link to a Mailing Campaign

In an Inwise System you will be able to create SMS messages that contain links to a designed Mailing Campaign. Anyone who reads the message on a mobile device, who has an internet connection and can read HTML pages, will be able to press the link and view the page. You can, and it is desirable, to send to your points of contact links to Mailing Campaigns which are especially adapted to mobile devices (therefore, all the mailings and patterns in Inwise are automatically adapted to mobile devices).
In order to send an SMS message with a link to a Mailing Campaign, you will be able to create an SMS message as was detailed in the previous stages.
During the message’s wording and formulation stage, you may utilize the personally customized fields, as happens during the creation of a regular message. In order to add a link to the Mailing Campaign, copy the required link to your SMS message.

In order to track the statistics of the links in an SMS message, you can add link Control.