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SMS Campaign is an effective marketing tool for sending marketing messages to customers. An SMS campaign can contain a text message with text only, or can also include a link to a formatted landing page. Both options begin with creating a regular SMS campaign. inwise allows sending SMS messages as a campaign to a contact list or sending individual messages through a simple and convenient interface.

Steps to create an SMS campaign:

  1. Create an SMS Campaign
  2. Edit the Message
  3. Send a test
  4. Send an SMS campaign

Step 1 – Create an SMS Campaign

You have two options at your disposal when creating an SMS campaign with inwise:
Option 1 – On the main login screen, click on the “Campaigns” tab in the main menu bar on the left (1). Next, on the “Common Actions” menu, click the “Create an SMS campaign” button (2).
You can also select “Create an SMS campaign” directly from the main menu bar.

Create campaign SMS

Option 2 – Under the “Campaigns” pane on the main login screen, click on the arrow next to “Create Campaign.” Then, click “Create an SMS campaign” on the menu that opens (2).

Create campaign SMS

On the “Create an SMS campaign” page, you can type the content:

Internal campaign name – Type the name of the message. This is the name that will appear in the campaign list  (for your own use only).
Click on “Campaign setting” (1), you can set the definition:
The sender’s name to be displayed – the name that will be displayed to the message’s recipient (2).
Encoding – Unicode is designated for messages sent in Hebrew and for words containing symbols that do not belong to the English alphabet.
ISO 8859-1 is designated for messages sent in English or other languages such as Russian or French.
Valid until – the maximal time, in minutes, provided to the system in order to try sending the message before it expires.
In the end, press “Continue” at the bottom of the screen on the left.

Create SMS campaign

Step 2 – Edit the Message

Use this screen to formulate the message that will be sent.
Please notice: a single standard SMS message is composed of 70 characters. It can also comprise a link utilized for removal from the contact list (27 characters) and Link control (27 Characters).
SMS messages in various sizes can be purchased. Likewise, the pricing is calculated according to the length of the message being sent (depending on the number of characters).

You can add emojis to the text message (2)

It is recommended to add Personal fields:
Insert contact’s fields (3)  – You can assimilate the personally customized fields by selecting from the menu the desired field.
These fields draw information from existent fields in the system which contain information regarding the points of contact. For more information concerning the definition of these information fields – please read the following Manual.

1. Select a link to the landing page – If you have created a landing page in inwise, you can attach a link to it in the message you are sending. Opening this field will allow you to choose from the landing pages in your account.
2. Add unsubscribe link – You can and should include a link to remove from the mailing list.
3. Add link control – If you have attached a link to a message, it is recommended that you follow and control the clicks on the link so that you can generate statistical information. Checking this checkbox encodes your link and allows tracking and control.

At this stage, it is recommended that you send the message for review before it is sent to all recipients in order to verify its propriety (4).

Create SMS

Step 3 – Send a test

During and after editing the message, the system allows you to send the message for review (for yourself and the group you set it up).
After clicking “Send for review”, your message will be saved and a pane will open. You can select and update the mobile numbers to which you want to send the test.

  • Send the current message to phone numbers one-time (1).
  • Defining fixed lists for sending (2):
    – Lists:  Define the group names (contacts lists) and click Add (3).
    – Contacts for test: Enter the mobile numbers for the group’s contacts (4) and click “Add”.

Click “Send” – the message will only be sent to the selected mobile numbers in the test group (5).

Send to a test group SMS

Step 4 – Send an SMS campaign

Select the relevant group to which you want to send the message. The added groups will be displayed at the bottom of the table.

You can choose when to send your campaign:

  1. Send immediately – To send the campaign right now (1).
  2. Choose a date – Schedule for later (2). Will open the “Pre sending schedule setting”.  Select date &  Time according to your preference.

Finally, click “Send Campaign” at the bottom right of the screen.

Sending SMS campaign

That’s it! the message has been sent.

To view all your campaigns, click on “Campaigns” in the main menu bar on the left.  You’ll see all the campaigns you’ve built, with their status (Active, Draft, Paused), date created, and last modified Date. You can see their preview by clicking on the image.

what is the next step? It is important to continue to tighten the connection with your recipients. This can be done through marketing automation. For example, you can specify that once a particular recipient clicks on a link describing a product in the SMS message you sent to him, it will automatically be added to the list of those interested in the product. And after two days he will receive mailings with an offer on the same product. If he purchased the product, it can be defined that after 14 days he will be sent an invitation to rate the product and so on.
How do you do that? Marketing automation