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You can launch a marketing strategy based on segmentation within the target audience to deliver more tailored messaging and build stronger connections. Segmentation can be based on demographics, such as geographic location, gender identity, age, or level of formal education. It can also be based on behavior, such as purchase history.

You can create new segments without modifying the original contact list.

Steps for creating segmentation:

  1.  Check and configure information fields for contacts
  2. Create segmentation

Step 1 –  Check and configure information fields for contacts

Segments are based on the information fields that exist in the system. Therefore it’s important to check their settings.
Click on the “Little Man” icon at the top of the screen (1) and then click on “Fields Settings” (2).

Fields setting

On the “Fields Settings” screen, you can view and update field settings and add more fields. More information about editing fields is available in this guide.

Step 2 – Create segmentation

To create a new segmentation, click on the “Contacts” tab in the main menu bar on the left (1). On the “Common Actions” pane, click on the ”Create new segmentation” button (2).
You can also select “Create new segmentation” directly from the main menu bar.


On the “Segmentation” screen, select the segment name and description (optional).
You can choose the type of group to segment your contacts with: from all internal groups in the system, from some of the groups, or from an external group (interfacing groups that are synchronized directly to the database).
Once you have selected the group type, click on the “Create New Query” button at the bottom right of the screen.


To add more segmentation settings, click on the “Add” button (1) and add more fields.
To save the new segment, click “Save and View Contacts” (2).


You can view the segmentation you created on the “Contacts” screen, which you enter through the “Contacts” tab in the main menu bar.

Now, you can build an email and/or SMS campaign that includes different marketing messages tailored to the various segmentation groups you have built.
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