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Create campaign members in Salesforce, send them a newsletter and track the statistics.

With this feature you can assign members into a campaign view, easily design a newsletter in inwise, and send it to them. Then you will be able to view the campaign statistics and members actions in Salesforce.

campaign edit layout

* Level – Usually for regular users




1. Edit your Salesforce campaign page layout. Press on “Edit layout” inside campaign page (you will need admin privilege):


2. Press on Buttons tab, then choose these 3 buttons and drop them in the campaign details title:



3. Select the followings: Sent, Nonsent, Bounced, Opened, Clicks, Unsubscribe, Grouped, inwise account, Sendid. Drop them into inwise fields:


4. Press on Priority in order to add campaign members customer fields:

4. Select the followings: Unsubscribe, Bounced, Clicked, Opened, Sent. Add them to Campaign members fields:

6. Save the changes.