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Personalization is essential to marketing practices because people want to be seen as individuals. Personalized emails stand out within the inbox therefore, more likely to be opened and clicked on. Use personalization tags based on subscriber field data at the “To” line of your campaign email . For example use the contact’s first name and adding a few personal words like “Happy Birthday” – that will increase the chance of opening your mailing.

Fields setting


The steps to adjust the bar “To”  in the email campaign:

  1. Checking fields setting
  2. Edit fields setting “sending Profile”

Step 1 – Checking fields setting

Click on the “Little Man” icon at the top of the screen (1), then click on “Fields Settings” (2).

You can see that “field 1” is defined as a private name.
More information on Tags and fields in this guide

Step 2 – Edit fields setting “sending Profile”

Once you’ve checked the fields setting, click on “Campaigns” tab in the main menu bar on the left side of the screen (1).
In the “Common Actions” window, click “Create Email Campaign” button (2).

Create email campaign

After clicking “Create email campaign”, you’ll get Campaign details screen. Here you need to define the Campaign subject & Campaign name.

Campaign subject: Is the main subject of the campaign as the contacts will see on the email header they will get. Pick the subject with a lot of thought, because the subject you’ll select, is the subject that will appear in your contacts mailbox and according to that, the contacts will decide whether opening the mail or not.

Campaign Name: Is Internal only. It will appear in the system campaigns list and will not visible to your contacts.

Click on “Show sending profile”, Those are fixed depending account, but changeable if needed.
Type the relevant information in the field “Campaign to”. For example: the contact’s first name and and wish him/her a happy birthday.

Create email campaign

How to type data in this field?
Type: #field1# – The information found between two semicolons is an instruction for the system to extract a given field from the setting fields, and the number indicates the field’s number (1).
You can also add additional words and titles, this way you can make the “To” line more personal, such as:

Fields setting

Finally click “Use this profile”. And continue editing your mail as usual

You can define a number of fields in the “To” line. For example, to add the first and last name of your contacts, you must enter the “To” field, the tags: #field1# #field2#
It is important to make sure that there is a space between the two fields, as the names will appear in the mailing.

In summary, the use of a personalized and accurate personal approach on the “To” line allows you to send customized targeted mailings to your contacts, which increases the chances that they will actually open the email sent to them.