We Help Businesses Work Less & Sell More Using inwise Email Marketing Platform

inwise is an international company developing smart solutions for businesses to digitally communicate with their customers.

Since 2002, we have been developing smart solutions in the digital messaging, mobile marketing, email marketing, and social marketing domains, most of them are cloud based.

Our solutions allow thousands of businesses worldwide design and deliver digital marketing messages, monitor them and grow smarter in the marketing activity. Whether it’s personalized coupons delivered via email or text message, traceable social network message, e-documents, newsletter, text message reminder, birthday wishes and more, it’s always smart and easy to do using inwise platform.

What Makes inwise the Right Platform For You?
about inwise
  • Advanced & Easy-to-Use – We work very hard to deliver the most advanced and easy-to-use platform. That means, you enjoy a platform that is stable, secure, and user friendly. This is especially important in the fast-growing field of digital marketing, where we add & upgrade features on a regular basis to keep our customers at the top of their game.
  • Your Needs and Goals in Mind – Technology is an important tool in marketing, no doubt. However, our solutions are not only technology. They use technology to meet our customers’ marketing needs and goals. 
  • International brand – our global presence allows us to deliver you solutions that fit the social and cultural environment of your business, in addition to enjoying the top solutions available globally.