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With inwise for Salesforce, you can synchronize your Landing Pages forms into leads in Salesforce. For example, suppose you build landing page in inwise for your last exhibition, many people have filled the form in that landing pages, with that feature you will be able to sync all these people as new leads to your Salesforce account.

Step by step of how to configure this:

  1. In your Salesforce account, go to inwise setup tab, then press on “New Sync” button and the sync wizard will be opened:



2. From the combo box, choose a landing page that you want to sync and give a name:

choose landing page that you want to sync

3. Now in the next page, the fields from the landing page form will be mapped automatically to your Salesforce. If you want to do any change in this you can do it here:

mapping landing pages fields to salesforce fields

Now you will be able to schedule the sync and you will start getting all your landing pages leads directly in Salesforce