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Add custom buttons and fields in you Salesforce standard campaign page

Level – Usually for regular users

Many Salesforce users are familiar with their regular campaign page in Salesforce and prefer to do everything from there including choosing the campaign members. With this feature you will be able to sync your campain details and campaign members into new campagin and new group in inwise. Then you will be able to work on your campaign inside inwise with the advanced and easy design tool. Then whenever you are ready, you can send the message to your campaign members. You will be able to get your campaign statistics and members actions in Salesforce:

campaign edit layout


1. Before starting using this feature, you will have to edit your Salesforce campaign page layout. Please press on “Edit layout” inside campaign page (you will need admin privilege):



2. Now press on “Buttons”, then choose these 3 buttons and drop them in the campaign details title:



3. Now the same should be done for these custom fields:


4. Last thing is to add the campaign members customer fields. For this, please press on the property icon:

And add these 5 custom fields:

Now save the changes and you are done