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in Campaign Tags: התאמה אישיתשדות

Using tags and fields in the email, you can adjust your campaign precisely to your contacts, and create tags in the campaign

Fields Is a line of information stored in the system and contains information about your contacts. You can use the system fields, mailing and personalize your

messages (Email, SMS) per contact.

TAG is a shortcut for a command that you can implement in various places around the mailing –as you choose. The tag is some kind of a shortcut that allows the contact to perform different actions with the touch of a button, or to implement various kind of text throughout the mailing.

For example, a tag named “Print” will be created an icon of a printer. By clicking the icon the contact will be able automatically to switch to the mailing print preview. Another tag example the tag “Advertisement” inserts the word “Advertisement” in the place which you have chosen.


The various fields are stored in the system in "My fields" area. You can reach them in this way:

At the top left of the screen system, you can meet an icon of a man:

הגדרת "השדות שלי"

Definition of “my fields”


And then you can click “My fields”. Now this screen will appear:

הגדרת השדות במערכת

Set up in fields

For further reading on field settings you can read in  this guide.

By implementing throughout the mailing, you can create a customised mailing which personally addressed to your personal contact. For example, if you want to turn to your contacts’ first name in the text fields, you can choose “First name” field. The system will know to match the email address and name as stored in the system – and related to email. All mailings to be sent, the system automatically enters the first name of the contact.

Thus, the resulting mailing for each contact contains your contacts’ first name.


How to implement field in mailings?

In the process of creating a new campaign, and after the entrance to the new content editor, you can click on the designated place on the campaign trail – and choose from the menu: “Insert field”:

בחירת השדות בקמפיין

Selecting fields Campaign


Contact information such as first name, last name, email address, hobby and phone number all these fields are stored in the system. These fields (except for email and phone number) you can modify, and set them according to your needs.

After the implementation of the field “First name” in mailings, the mailing in content editor will look like this

שדה שם פרטי בעורך התוכן

Firse name field in the editor


After sending the mailing, the mailing system will extract the data stored in the field of

transplantation, and have it translated into information stored in the system. And mailing which implemented “First name” “field” will look like this:

שדה שם פרטי בקמפיין

First name field campaign




In the process of creating a new campaign, and after the entrance to the new content

editor, you can click on the designated place on the campaign trail – and choose from the menu Custom (short for Custom Tags):

הטמעת תגיות בקמפיין

Implementing tags Campaign


From this selection menu, you can choose the appropriate tag for you. In the content

editor the tag #Print # implementation will look like this:

דוגמה לתגית - #print#


Mailing which implemented “#Print #” field will look like this:

תגית #print# בקמפיין

Tag in Campaign


After sending the caption tag becomes an icon of a printer. Clicking this icon will take the contact to mailing print preview.


There are other tags. Here is a list of the various tags and how:

Send To Friend – This tag enables sending to a friend by forwarding. Clicking this link will take the contact to form, which he could fill in his name, the name of his friend and his email address. That is different from clicking on the standard Forward email, sincethis tag enables statistical analysis in the area of Analytics in the system, and included in the statistics system.

Send To Friend – short – This tag enables sending to a friend by forwarding, and creates a link that can be implemented across your mailings (like in the image or text to choose from) this tag enables a statistical analysis in the area of Analytics and is included in the statistics system.

Unsubscribe- The unsubscribe tag from the mailing list. You can insert this tag as a link to an image or text throughout the mailing list. Note: Unsubscribe from mailing list appears in the mail by default — even if you have not inserted this tag. If you chose to locate the tag somewhere in the mailing, the tag will override the default and will appear the place you have chosen.

Unsubscribe long – The unsubscribe tag from the mailing list, which makes default text, is defined in the system: “for unsubscribing from our mailing list click here”

Click If can’t see – Long – This tag produces the text “If you can’t see this email click here “. Clicking this link will take the contact to an internet displaying and responsiveness mailing

Click if can’t see Link – This tag takes the contact to an internet and responsiveness display of the mailing. And creates a link that can be implemented nationwide mailings (like in the image or text of your choice).

Advertiser Details – This tag in the mailing list includes advertising information, which means your details. You can include text that includes your information in 225 definition ,and activate in 227 definition.

Advertisement- This tag adds the word “Advertisement” in the body of the mail, as opposed to mailing, you can include that word automatically on the theme of the campaign, with 226 definition.

Print – This tag enables printing the mailing and creates an icon of a small printer, click on that tag will take the contact to print preview.

Print Short– This tag creates a link that takes the contact to print preview, you can implement the link that the tag creates as text or picture.

Open The Mail – This tag creates a minimal and a transparent image on the mailing. When the mailing opens, the image is like recognises the campaign opening set – thus the statistics of emails opening sent. This tag automatically being implemented into every campaign that goes out.

# #RECIPIENTUPDATESTARTPROCESS – This tag is available in the older version of the content editor, and it enables you to add an update details form to the mailing, however, you can copy the tag as it appears here, and paste it into a mail where you


Note: this tag requires further action of making a contact details update form you can read about it in this guide.